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  • Ordinary Dreams

    ivaniceva, Marina; Khalil, Tala; Cinematic Arts
    In a culturally rich setting, Lara, a 25-year-old woman with Arab heritage, finds herself entangled in the age-old traditions and expectations of her family. Engaged to Ahmed, a dedicated doctor from a more open-minded background, Lara's desires clash with her family's staunch adherence to customs. Despite her earnest attempts to meet Ahmed, Lara faces relentless resistance from her younger brother, Khaled, who, acting as her guardian, upholds traditional values. Their interactions reflect the collision between Lara's aspirations for independence and her family's protective stance. Desperate to bridge the gap between tradition and her yearning for autonomy, Lara risks her family's wrath by clandestinely meeting Ahmed. However, their secret rendezvous is violently interrupted when Khaled, driven by a sense of duty, confronts Ahmed, leading to a tragic altercation that lands Ahmed in the hospital. As emotions spiral out of control, Lara confronts her father, highlighting the detrimental impact of rigid customs. Her impassioned plea for freedom and autonomy reverberates through the hospital halls, challenging the family's deep-rooted beliefs. The story culminates in a poignant realization, as Lara's father grapples with the consequences of blindly adhering to tradition. It's a moment of reckoning that forces a reevaluation of the family's values and the cost of preserving long-standing customs at the expense of individual happiness
  • Signalakquisition, Vorverarbeitung und Merkmalsextraktionstechniken für biomedizinische Signale

    Subasi, Abdulhamit; Mian Qaisar, Saeed; College collaboration; Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security Lab; 0; 0; Electrical and Computer Engineering; 0; Subasi, Abdulhamit (Springer, 2024-06)
    In German Language: Die Hauptzwecke der biomedizinischen Signale sind die Erkennung oder Diagnose von Krankheiten oder physiologischen Zuständen. Diese Signale werden auch in der biomedizinischen Forschung eingesetzt, um biologische Systeme zu modellieren und zu studieren. Das Ziel der Signalerfassung, Vorverarbeitung und Merkmalsextraktion besteht darin, eine genaue Realisierung des Modells oder die Erkennung entscheidender Elemente oder Fehlfunktionen menschlicher Körpersysteme mithilfe von Maschinenlernen oder Deep Learning zu erreichen. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht es die Vorhersage zukünftiger klinischer oder physiologischer Ereignisse mithilfe von Maschinenlernen und Deep Learning. Das erhaltene biologische Signal ist häufig eine komplexe Kombination aus Rauschen, Artefakten und Signal. Instrumente, die Sensoren, Verstärker, Filter und Analog-Digital-Wandler verwenden, können Artefakte erzeugen. Muskelaktivitäten können Störungen einführen und die Stromleitung und elektromagnetische Emissionen gelten als die primären Rauschquellen. Eine gute Auswahl von Signalverarbeitungs- und Verarbeitungstechniken kann als Folge der beabsichtigten Designspezifikationen getroffen werden. Dieses Kapitel zielt darauf ab, Wissenschaftler und Biomedizintechniker mit potenziellen Methoden zur Merkmalsextraktion vertraut zu machen und die Grundlagen der Signalerfassung und -verarbeitungskette zu verstehen.
  • Watching Ramadan Drama and Egyptian People Preference for Video Streaming Services Over Traditional Television "A Survey Study"

    Yousry, Mustafa; No Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Cinematic Arts; 0; Yousry, Mustafa (2024)
    Every year, and throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Egyptian people regularly watch television drama. Viewership reaches its peak in Ramadan, and as a result, Ramadan drama is considered to have a great cultural and social impact on the Egyptian society. Moreover, during Ramadan video streaming services become more popular in Egypt and achieve greater success in terms of subscription rates. As such, this study focused on investigating the reasons why Egyptian people prefer video streaming services over traditional television for watching Ramadan drama, and the impact of that on their watching behaviors. An online questionnaire survey was circulated to a sample of Egyptian people, and 563 participants of different ages and backgrounds took part in it. The critical evaluation of the collected data showed how significantly Egyptian people are affected by Ramadan drama and the extent it figures an important part of their life. The data also highlighted that video streaming services have many advantages over traditional television. Likewise, the study provided valuable indications about the changes happened in Egyptian people viewing behaviors. It was concluded that Egyptian viewers prefer video streaming services over traditional television for watching Ramadan drama due to a plenty of different reasons.
  • Roy Andersson and the Lengthy-Long-Shot-Scene (LLSS) Technique of Filmmaking “An Analytical Descriptive Study”

    Yousry, Mustafa; No Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Cinematic Arts; 0; Yousry, Mustafa (2024)
    Since cinema was transformed into a creation medium able to express the film director's vision and philosophy, rules for employing different shot sizes in presenting the story and exploring scenes components were founded. The long shot size had been merited with its ability to present facts and reality without interfering. It was used ever since to establish the location of every film scene, and only few filmmakers managed to creatively employ the long shot in the formulation of visual texts. One of those creative filmmakers is the Swedish director “Roy Andersson” with his Lengthy-Long-Shot-Scene (LLSS) cinematic technique, i.e. the technique of using only one single lengthy long shot in shooting the film scene… Through an analytical descriptive methodology, this study attempted to study Roy Andersson's unique Lengthy-Long-Shot-Scene (LLSS) technique of filmmaking, and looked at the ability of such technique in enriching the film language. Research results emphasized that we cannot limit the film industry and define it in a specific template! In cinema, there is a wide field for creativity that is not limited by borders, and there are multiple film methods, whether through regular well-established conventions or through new experimental methodologies like the (LLSS) style.
  • The Big Cage

    Ivaniceva, Marina; Alghamdi, Hawazen; Cinematic Arts
    A thesis of an animated film called "The Big Cage" spotting the light on a girl that tried to find the philosophy of life through a story book.
  • A Mother I Never Had

    Ivaniceva, Marina; Kayello, Yasmeen; Cinematic Arts
    This research aims to understand the effects of divorce, specifically infidelity, in the Middle East. The topic discussed aims to understand the correlation between long-term emotional damage among children who have witnessed or experienced a parent committing infidelity. This research also aims to understand the effects of divorce on young children as they grow up
  • Rock Paper Scissor

    Ghazala, Mohammed; GHAZALA; sultan, sereen; Cinematic Arts
  • Kartoffelo's Adventure

    sobaih, mohammed; Ghouth, Diala; Cinematic Arts
    The capstone project presents a 3-5 minutes children adventure short episode about a duck tackling his biggest fear on his first day of school. This project will includes the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. The capstone thesis is divided into three chapters. An introduction, project description, study problem, secondary and primary research, methodology, and references will all be included in the first chapter. The second chapter contains the longline, synopsis, treatment, script, concept art, and storyboard. The pre-production, production, and post-production phases are covered in the third and final chapter.
  • Xenophobia

    Ahmed, Niaz; ahmed, niaz; Abuzenadh, Malekah; Cinematic Arts
    This capstone project proposes an Augmented Reality experience as Transmedia project about the different world of forest at night. It will be presented in a visual platform with some sound effects. The user interacts with the visuals that is viewed on a big LED screen. The camera detects the position of the user. The first phase is to write the story and then to make it visualized through a suitable program. This capstone thesis contains three chapters. Chapter one is about the idea, background, and significance of the story. Chapter 2 includes longline, synopsis, character description, treatment, concept art and wire frame. Chapter 3 discuss the final production of the whole Augmented Reality experience by representing some visuals from the experience.
  • A novel automated tower graph based ECG signal classification method with hexadecimal local adaptive binary pattern and deep learning

    Subasi, Abdulhamit; Dogan, Sengul; Tuncer, Turker; External Collaboration; Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security Lab; 0; 0; Computer Science; 0; Subasi, Abdulhamit (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2023-02-01)
    Electrocardiography (ECG) signal recognition is one of the popular research topics for machine learning. In this paper, a novel transformation called tower graph transformation is proposed to classify ECG signals with high accuracy rates. It employs a tower graph, which uses minimum, maximum and average pooling methods altogether to generate novel signals for the feature extraction. In order to extract meaningful features, we presented a novel one-dimensional hexadecimal pattern. To select distinctive and informative features, an iterative ReliefF and Neighborhood Component Analysis (NCA) based feature selection is utilized. By using these methods, a novel ECG signal classification approach is presented. In the preprocessing phase, tower graph-based pooling transformation is applied to each signal. The proposed one-dimensional hexadecimal adaptive pattern extracts 1536 features from each node of the tower graph. The extracted features are fused and 15,360 features are obtained and the most discriminative 142 features are selected by the ReliefF and iterative NCA (RFINCA) feature selection approach. These selected features are used as an input to the artificial neural network and deep neural network and 95.70% and 97.10% classification accuracy was obtained respectively. These results demonstrated the success of the proposed tower graph-based method.
  • The Effects of Film Illumination Hues – An Exploration Study

    Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed; No Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Cinematic Arts; 0; Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed (2020)
    An examination of film illumination aptitude to influence audience's feelings and attitudes towards what is displayed in front of them of shots and scenes. Existing illumination procedures have been reviewed thoroughly, and two essential hue groups (i.e., warm and cold tones) have been distinguished and ought to be inspected to address the study questions and form its conclusions. To produce the required proof to this exploration work, a few analyses with a delegate sample of viewers took place. These tests proved the existence of straight associations between different hues of film illumination and the recognized look of film actors. Furthermore, some hues of illumination showed more ability compared to others in modifying the recognized look of film actors. The investigation wrapped up that viewers' opinion of looks and appearances within film shots is connected, even partially, to various illumination hues.
  • Knowledge Resources Informing Lighting Design Practice in Egyptian TV and Film Industry

    Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed; No Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Cinematic Arts; 0; Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed (2022)
    This study investigates the knowledge resources informing television and film lighting design practice in Egypt, and the value of suggesting scientific recommendations to be followed. A questionnaire was circulated to a considerable number of professional lighting designers, lighting directors, directors of photography and cameramen working in the Egyptian media industry. Most of those addressed by the study survey indicated that their main knowledge resource during working is likely to be their own past experience and that very few of them depend on the recommendations of scientific research. Moreover, the critical analysis of the collected data illustrated that there is limited academic research in the discipline of lighting design available for Egyptian television and film practitioners to read and benefit from the generated results and findings. It was concluded that the discipline of lighting design needs more scientific research to establish a database of findings, theories, and paradigms just as any other design discipline.
  • 'Quantifying the unquantifiable: the color of cinematic lighting and its effect on audience’s impressions towards the appearance of film characters.

    Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed; No Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Cinematic Arts; 0; Matbouly, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry Ahmed (Springer, 2022-06-01)
    This study is an attempt to investigate the ability of different colors used in cinematic lighting designs to affect audience’s impressions towards the appearance and mood of film characters. The study critically appraised existing cinematic lighting techniques and identified the two basic color groups (i.e., warm and cold colors) that should be examined in order to answer the research questions and formulate its conclusions. To provide the needed empirical evidence for this research work, some experiments with a representative sample of viewers were conducted. These experiments confirmed the existence of direct relationships between various colors of lighting and the perceived appearance and mood of film characters. Moreover, specific color hues of lighting appeared to be more effective than others in altering the perceived appearance and mood of film characters. The study concluded that audience’s perception of appearances and moods within cinematic images is linked, even in part, to different colors of lighting.
  • Evaluating the Environmental Performance of New Mega Projects in Riyadh City: A Proposed Framework

    Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Turjoman, Rahaf; Master of Science in Urban Design
    This thesis evaluates three Giga Saudi projects: Al-Qiddiya, Al-Diriyah Gate, and Green Riyadh and study the impact of new trends in urban design on environmental performance at these projects. The objective of this research is to identify the relationship between the adoption of these new urban design trends and the environmental performance of these prominent projects in Saudi Arabia. Through an extensive review of relevant literature, this study explores emerging trends in urban design that have the potential to enhance environmental sustainability. These trends encompass a range of elements, including green infrastructure, compact and mixed-use development, renewable energy integration, smart technologies, and sustainable transportation systems. The research methodology involves a comprehensive analysis of the three Giga Saudi projects, considering their urban design characteristics, environmental performance indicators, and the degree to which they incorporate the identified trends. The findings of this research explains the relationship between the adoption of new urban design trends and the environmental performance of the Al-Qiddiya, Al-Diriyah Gate, and Green Riyadh projects. The analysis reveals the extent to which these trends have been integrated into the projects and their subsequent impact on energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, and overall sustainability. The study also identifies challenges and barriers encountered during the implementation of these trends in the specific Saudi Arabian context. Ultimately, this research aims to promote the adoption of sustainable urban design practices and contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly and resilient cities in Saudi Arabia. By focusing on Al-Qiddiya, Al-Diriyah Gate, and Green Riyadh, this study aims to inspire similar initiatives in other urban development projects, fostering a more sustainable and livable future for the country.
  • Fatima and Bashool

    Sobaih, Mohamed; Alburi, Abeer; Cinematic Arts
    This capstone project is about 4-minute animated film titled “Fatima and Bashool”, the story follows a sixteen-year-old Saudi teenage girl who’s getting ready to move out of the house she grew up in, soon she discovers a magic stick that merges her pet cat and a bee into one. That small incident helped Fatima fill up a hole inside of her by having her cat with black and yellow stripes. The capstone project will contain the film production phases: pre-production, production, and post-production, however, the thesis will be composed of three chapters. The first chapter will provide an introduction, background information, project description, background research, methodology, significance of the project, and reference. Chapter two will discuss the project’s logline, synopsis, treatment, script, storyboard, character design, and landscape. The third chapter will consist of the three production stages.
  • Tied

    ELHACHADI, MAHASSINE; Fida, Yam; Cinematic Arts
    My Capstone project is about a shallow relationship of an extremely unwell old man of age in desperate need of both his sons unaware of one's death, commute from burden to sympathy on his final days of life. The capstone thesis will include two chapters; chapter one will have an introduction, a project description, research, a methodology section, a discussion of the project's importance, and a list of references. The project's logline, description, treatment, storyboard, script, and director's statement will be included in Chapter 2.
  • When Home is Gone

    Ivanciva, Marina; ELHACHADI, MAHASSINE; Moharram, Hadeel; Cinematic Arts
    My Capstone project will be a live action family drama film about an 18-year-old who takes care of her grandmother who have Alzheimer’s, then one day a shocking news comes in that within two months the old neighborhood she lives in will be demolished. The capstone thesis will consist of two chapters; chapter one of the thesis will provide an introduction, project description, background research, methodology, significance of the project, and the references. Chapter two will consist the project’s logline, synopsis, treatment, storyboard, script, and director’s statement.
  • Amber ( كَهرمَانْ ) : Interactive Installation Experience Mixed of Video and 3D Projection Mapping Installation

    Ahmed, Niaz; Al-sharif, Talah Adnan; Cinematic Arts
    This capstone project proposes an approximately 120-seconds 3D projection mapping of a combination of 3D and 2D animated content. The concept of the project is entertainment as it is presented as a live interaction with the audience. The interaction will be based on an animated fiction scenario about a psychological concept of a schizophrenic human experience to be visualized. This project is under the installation art category which considers as an Interactive art piece. The project will comprise pre-production, production, and post-production stages. The first part of the capstone thesis (VDP 450) consists of two chapters. The first chapter provides an introduction with background information, brief history, and significance of the project, while the second chapter contains the project concept, synopsis, Visual Treatment, Concept Art, Mood Board, and Wireframe.
  • The Fate We Were Born To | القــــــدر الذي ولـــدنا لــه

    ELHACHADI, MAHASSINE; Duhaithem, Razan; Cinematic Arts
    A capstone project, its duration about 15 to 20 minutes fiction film about A happy loving couple divorces after over eight years of marriage, will it be a peaceful separation? This project will go through three stages; pre-production, production, and a post-production. This capstone thesis consists of three chapters; the first chapter of the thesis includes an introduction, project description, background research, methodology, significance of the project, and finally the reference. The second chapter includes the project’s logline, treatment, storyboard, script, director’s statement.
  • The Surreal Elements in World of Rick and Morty / Season One

    Sobaih, Mohamed; No Collaboration; None; None; Cinematic Arts; None; Sobaih, Mohamed (Journal of Design Sciences and Applied Arts, 2023-04-30)
    Surrealism is not just an art or literature movement; Surrealism is a way to express feelings and emotions and tell a story. Filmmakers heavily used Surrealism in their science fiction movies and T.V. series. Rick and Morty has been praised for its animation style, described as "visually stunning" and "incredibly detailed. The show also features a wide variety of surrealistic locations. Rick and Morty has also been honored for its writing, which often features dark humor and satire. The show has been praised for its ability to tackle difficult topics humorously and for its ability to blend science fiction and comedy, creating a unique and entertaining animation series. This research aims to reveal the surreal elements in Rick and Morty’s fantasy world and its adaptation in the first eleven episodes. Research hypothesis: Filmmakers who apply surrealism to their science fiction movies will boost the magical look and feel in their shows better than filmmakers who do not employ surreal elements. The researcher used Analytical descriptive methodology in his research and discovered The criteria used to identify the critical use of surrealism in since fiction series and found rick and Morty a comprehensive source of surrealist approaches in the placement of the surreal elements in Rick and Morty's first season's fantasy world.

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