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    • farasan island beach resort

      Mohammed, Mohammed; alahrani, raghad; Architecture
    • Developing a Messaging Application that Filters SMS Spam Messages Using Machine Learning

      Numan, Muhammad; Bashehab, Mayan; Alanood, Alhuttami; Layal, Alsilani; Computer Science
      The increasing prevalence of SMS spam poses a significant challenge as mobile devices have become integral to daily life. Spam messages target individuals and can lead to high impacts, as they can evolve into phishing attacks or even social engineering. Our project holds significance in contributing to the safety of the community by reducing the number of spam victims. It aims to improve existing spam filtering solutions to provide a safer and more user-friendly experience, thereby reducing the vulnerability of users to spam and phishing attacks. Through state-of-the-art analysis, we identified a common gap: the lack of real-world application testing. In our methodology, we utilized the TensorFlow Lite Model Maker library to simplify the adaptation and deployment of an NLP neural network model text classification model on mobile devices. Our result is a meticulously designed user-friendly application that flags spam messages in real-time, o ering a safer messaging experience.
    • Ordinary Dreams

      ivaniceva, Marina; Khalil, Tala; Cinematic Arts
      In a culturally rich setting, Lara, a 25-year-old woman with Arab heritage, finds herself entangled in the age-old traditions and expectations of her family. Engaged to Ahmed, a dedicated doctor from a more open-minded background, Lara's desires clash with her family's staunch adherence to customs. Despite her earnest attempts to meet Ahmed, Lara faces relentless resistance from her younger brother, Khaled, who, acting as her guardian, upholds traditional values. Their interactions reflect the collision between Lara's aspirations for independence and her family's protective stance. Desperate to bridge the gap between tradition and her yearning for autonomy, Lara risks her family's wrath by clandestinely meeting Ahmed. However, their secret rendezvous is violently interrupted when Khaled, driven by a sense of duty, confronts Ahmed, leading to a tragic altercation that lands Ahmed in the hospital. As emotions spiral out of control, Lara confronts her father, highlighting the detrimental impact of rigid customs. Her impassioned plea for freedom and autonomy reverberates through the hospital halls, challenging the family's deep-rooted beliefs. The story culminates in a poignant realization, as Lara's father grapples with the consequences of blindly adhering to tradition. It's a moment of reckoning that forces a reevaluation of the family's values and the cost of preserving long-standing customs at the expense of individual happiness

      Jaber AlGhalib, Dr Saddiga; aljeaid, shahad; Psychology
      This paper examines current violent behaviors caused by TV, social media as, according to analysis's, they influence youth, and their lifestyles. This research project has taken approximately 20 studies into consideration to demonstrate that tv, music, movie, the Internet, computer games and the news play a significant role to promote violence among adults and youngsters. The paper does not have empirical proof that either of the mediums is solely to blame for the abuse in the youths. This paper discusses a hypothesis that the integration of all of the above mediums, as well as other cultural influences, contributes to violence. The paper will explore the impact of media, violence caused by media particularly among our youngsters by analyzing past literary work. It is concluded, majority of the literature I examined concentrated on disclosing the outcome of violence rather than the violence cause. The study that portrayed violence through media has shown that violence has negative effects on children, such as children becoming apathetic towards the suffering of others, they may become fearful, and also are more likely to become aggressive towards people. Moreover, research has also shown that excessive watching of violence on media may make children more aggressive and may make them less sensitive towards real-world violence. Although violence on media is not the only factor that determines aggression levels or other negative effects in children, it could be a combination
    • Investigating the arabic dubbing strategies of Songs ( Disney’s) Encanto 2021

      Khuddro, Ahmad; Qaid, Naeem; Master of Science in Translation and Interpreting
      This research explores the strategies used in dubbing Disney’s Encanto cartoons into Arabic, explicitly focusing on using EVA and MSA in the dubbed songs. The study seeks to answer three research questions: (1) To what extent did the dubber omit, add, or change information from the SL into TL to appeal to the target audience? (2) What is the effect of dubbed songs in EVA? (3) How do Arabic-speaking audiences perceive the use of cultural and linguistic references in dubbed songs and films, and how does this impact their enjoyment and understanding of the media? By using the descriptive method, the study identifies problematic issues faced during the dubbing process and analyze the translation procedures used in translating culture-bound expressions in EVA following Newmark's (1988) theory. Additionally, the study will use questionnaire to collect data from the Millennial Generation and Generation Z, consisting of 20 questions with various categories to determine their preferences in dubbing strategies. The study's primary purpose is to investigate audience preferences for Arabic language and the adaptation of the original text to local language and cultural norms. Furthermore, the study will shed light on the impact of dubbed songs in vernacular Arabic on the audience's perception and enjoyment of the media and provide insights into how cultural and linguistic references in dubbed songs and films influence audience understanding. This research explores the impact of using MSA and EVA in dubbed songs. It compares these two Arabic varieties' linguistic features, cultural references, and audience reception. By examining the differences, this study aims to deepen our understanding of how language choice influences audience engagement and how dialects reflect cultural nuances.
    • Culture-related Challenges in Translating Nawal El Saadawi’s Two Women in One

      Jady, Wassim; Alamri, Rana; Master of Science in Translation and Interpreting
      The importance of culture in translation is significant, where culture provides a language with its value and enriches the translated context. This study aims to identify the translation challenges faced by the translator in translating culture-bound expressions taken from the novel Two Women in One from Arabic into English. This thesis investigates the strategies the Sudanese translator, Osman Alnusairi, applies to translate the culture-specific items, assuring that the novel’s intended meaning and cultural flavor are preserved. This study employs a qualitative methodology and provides a detailed analysis of the translated cultural expressions from Arabic into English to identify cultural-related challenges faced based on Vinay and Darbelnet (1958/2000)of translating culture-specific concepts and the procedures of Newmark (1988). The findings of this thesis revealed that the translator faced barriers related to cultural expressions in translating the novel. Therefore, the translator applied some of the suggested procedures of Vinay and Darbelnet (1958/2000), and Newmark (1988) to deal with these cultural expressions. This study concludes that culture and translation are inseparable, and that culture plays a considerable role in linguistics, affecting both the source text ST and target text TT. Keywords— cultural translation, culture-related challenges, culture-specific items, translation strategies.
    • Translation and Validation of the Arabic version of the Basic Empathy Scale (BES) to Examine its Correlation with Social Anxiety, Social Desirability and Gender Differences

      Merdad, Nesma; Khan, Somayya; Psychology
      The aim of this study was to translate and validate an Arabic version of the BES and examine its correlation with social desirability, social interaction anxiety and gender differences. We used a quantitative survey approach. The study utilized four scales turned into questionnaires which were all translated into Arabic: the original BES, the Perth Empathy Scale (PES), the Social Desirability Scale with 17 items (SDS-17), and the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) and administered to 192 Arab speaking sample aged 18+. The results yielded an excellent reliability but satisfactory validity followed by a higher empathy score for females than males. No correlation was found between social interaction anxiety and empathy but there was a correlation with social desirability and empathy. The findings conclude that cultural variations can affect how empathy is expressed and perceived, and a culturally appropriate scale guarantees that the evaluation correctly captures these nuances.
    • The Translation and Validation of the Arabic Version of the Basic Empathy Scale (BES-Ar)

      Merdad, Nisma; Bataweel, Lamar; Psychology
      The Basic Empathy Scale (BES) is widely used measure of empathy that was first developed in 2006 and has since been validated in various languages. This study’s aim was to translate and validate an Arabic version of the BES (BES-Ar) with a sample of 192 Arabic-speaking individuals over the age of 18. The study found that the BES-Ar exhibited satisfactory internal consistency, test–retest reliability, concurrent and convergent validity. Exploratory factor analysis showed that the one-factor model is the best fit for the BES-Ar, providing an overall empathy score with no subscale scores. Female participants reported higher empathy scores than males, which is consistent with previous research findings. The findings of this study confirm that the BES-Ar is a valid tool for measuring empathy in Arabic-speaking populations. This research contributes to the cross-cultural understanding of empathy and provides a valuable tool for assessing empathy in the Arabic language.
    • The Effect of Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Shaping Tourist Perception of AlUla, Saudi Arabia

      Daou, Lindos; Alasadi, Tala; Marketing
      This study examines the impact of influencer marketing campaigns on destination perceptions in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. Through a survey questionnaire, I aim to understand the demographics of the respondents, the influence of social media influencers on their perceptions, their level of interest after exposure to influencer content, and the credibility of the influencers. The findings indicate that the majority of respondents, primarily females aged 18-25, consider influencer content as influential in shaping their perceptions, finding the influencers credible and impactful in their decision-making process regarding visiting Al Ula. In summary, influencer marketing significantly impacts destination perceptions, particularly in the context of Al Ula as a potential tourism hub in Saudi Arabia, generating interest among the target audience.
    • Predicting Protein Functions in Rare Diseases Using A Deep Learning Approach

      Nuaman, Mohammad; Alzaher, Hanin; Almahdi, Razan; Sidiya, Aichetou; Computer Science
      With 6000 to 8000 rare disease types such as Achalasia, Acrodysostosis, and Sirenomelia significantly impacting children and contributing to premature death before the age of five in 30\% of cases, the need for advanced research methodologies is evident. Traditional models for predicting protein function often fall short when applied to poorly characterized proteins associated with these diseases. This study proposes a deep learning model specifically tailored for such proteins, utilizing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to predict their functions. Our approach involves collecting and preprocessing amino acid sequences from rare diseases, developing a predictive model, and evaluating its performance against existing methods. Through an extensive literature review and methodological analysis, this project aims to address current gaps in research, offering a novel solution that could significantly contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3 of Good Health and Well-being, and align with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 in terms of Well-being and Preventive Care.
    • How Do Influencers Affect the Buying Behavior of Females in KSA

      Qasem, Zainah; QASEM; Harb, Tala; Marketing
      The purpose of this study is to explore social media influencers influence on women in Saudi Arabia. Increasingly more companies employ the capacities of influencer marketing. It allows brands to reach their audience in a new way especially due to the fact that modern Saudi women are fairly active on such social platforms as, for example, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others. Western researchers have conducted numerous studies on influencer marketings well as uncovered its logics and peculiarities however, the subtleties and effectiveness of this strategy in the Middle Eastern countries are still underinvestigated. This research aims to close this gap by analyzing how social media influencers impact female consumers in Saudi Arabia influencing impulse purchases. First, influencers are important to influence the preferences and purchasing decisions of Saudi Arabian female consumers due to their increasing digitization. Furthermore, examining the ways influentials navigate this terrain by considering the unique cultural context of Saudi Arabia, the results of this research at home and abroad can contribute to further discussion of Middle Eastern consumer culture beyond substantial companies.
    • Al Hijrah Museum- Journey of Light

      Refaat, Ahmed Mohamed; Ajaj, Danyah; Architecture
    • LIF DRUMS " Transferring Water "

      Khalifa, Sajid; Khalifa, Sajid; Gashgari, Jomana; Design
      Underdeveloped countries suffer from water shortage problems, especially in African, rural and refugee countries, and the reason is due to the increase in the world's population, the exacerbation of climate change, and rising temperatures. People spend most of their times to go for a long distance several times to bring clean water. This project is about an improvement product to transfer water which is called " Hippo Roller". Particularly It's used in underdeveloped countries like a South African, beside different uses like a container. This product is also available and be using in different areas like: refugee camps and journeys and most of underdeveloped countries are suffering from transporting water. This project will present a project to improve solutions that help these countries to transfer water easily. Besides that, the project has benefits to users and defines the problem which they suffer. This paper describes an ongoing action research study based on application of the principles of collecting data and information by observation, research on the internet, watching videos, and recorded notes by asking people about their problems in collecting water and how to carry it. It's as an outcome a correct, store and transport driving water will come into existence; which will be good and has been as comfortable, compact so, can be used in different easy ways (push or pull) with water filling in record time and in the large capacity of the water in short time.
    • The Translation and Validation of the Basic Empathy Scale (BES-AR)

      Merdad, Nesma; Hamad, Joud; Psychology
      The Arabic version of the Basic Empathy Scale demonstrates strong reliability and satisfactory validity, resembling the original scale by Farrington and Jolliffe (2006). Female participants showed higher levels of empathy compared to males. The Arabic scale correlates positively with the Perth Empathy Scale, indicating concurrent validity. A weak significant relationship was obtained between BES and SDS, suggesting an association between empathy and social desirability. There is no significant correlation observed between social interaction anxiety and empathy. The exploratory factor analysis favored a one-factor model for an overall empathy score. With Arabic-speaking people, the Arabic BES demonstrates validity and reliability for clinical and research applications, enabling assessments that are sensitive to cultural differences. Its participation in research promotes empathy awareness worldwide and helps educators and mental health professionals with diagnosis, treatment, and skill development.
    • Assessing the Efficacy of Risk Mitigations & Preventions in Supply Chain Risk Management Using Fmea & Paired T Test

      Balfaqih, Hasan; Mohamed, Maryam; Supply Chain Management
      This study aims to assess the efficacy of risk mitigation and prevention strategies in supply chain risk management (SCRM) using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) and paired t-test. The research is particularly relevant in the context of Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain 4.0, which introduce new technological risks and disruptions. The paper discusses the significance of SCRM in the Industry 4.0 era, the different types of supply chain risks, and the importance of quality management and Six Sigma methodologies for SCRM. The paper employs previous studies where FMEA was used to identify and prioritize risks to implement risk mitigations to reduce risk, and a paired t-test to evaluate the effectiveness of risk mitigation and prevention strategies. The findings aim to provide insights that can help organizations enhance the resilience and sustainability of their supply chains in the face of emerging challenges.
    • Art and Craft Center

      Ragab, Tarek; Alam, Yasmina; Architecture
      This project is about the importance of the return to traditional handicraft practice , Those crafts were buried due to the emergence of technology and the industrial revolution, Which led to a gap between the present and the past. Therefore, we need a place dedicated to learning and practicing those crafts, which were found primarily to satisfy the human need,Not only that, but it also helps to understand tactile perception, production of emotional values and creative need in humans .Which we lost most of them in the technological explosion these days. The main purpose of this center is to create a local platform for everyone who has a handcraft and display it and to teach new generations about traditional crafts to acquire and exchange knowledge and create new job opportunities .
    • The effectiveness of sensory processing interventions for children with Autism

      Merdad, Nesma; nesma; Masoudi, Razan; Psychology
      Children with ASD often experience significant sensory processing challenges that can affect their daily lives and overall development. These sensory issues can lead to behaviors such as avoidance of certain activities or environments, difficulty focusing, and problems in emotional regulation. Sensory processing problems can impact their ability to participate in typical activities, affecting their learning, social interactions, and quality of life. Therefore, knowing mothers’ impressions towards the interventions used, such as sensory integration therapy, applied behavior analysis, and occupational therapy can help in knowing the effectiveness of these interventions for children with ASD and how to improve it. Thus, online semi-structured interviews were conducted to 3 mothers of children with autism and it covered 2 themes (symptoms improvement and mothers’ wellbeing). Results showed positive views on the therapy’s effectiveness and showed improvement on the mothers’ overall wellbeing.
    • Federated Learning for Intrusion Detection in Internet of Vehicles

      Marir, Naila; Sarirete, Akila; naila; Alam, Leena; AlFarra, Joud; Computer Science
      The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is rapidly evolving, bringing vehicles into a unified network and revolutionizing connectivity and convenience. By enabling seamless communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and cloud services, IoV holds the potential to improve traffic management, road safety, and passenger experiences. However, this increased connectivity also exposes the IoV to new security challenges. Protecting against cyber-attacks on Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) network communications is now more crucial than ever before. The objective of this senior project is to create an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) tailored for charging stations for electric vehicles, using federated learning (FL) and machine/deep learning methods to improve the detection of abnormal activities and cyber threats. To address IoV challenges, we require complex network traffic analysis and efficient machine learning algorithms for real-time cyber attack prediction. Scaling out a distributed IDS adds further complexity. Our project proposes an FL approach, that decentralizes training and preserves privacy. IoV components can update the intrusion detection model using local data without sharing sensitive information. The project aims to achieve two outcomes: first, developing an IDS capable of detecting and mitigating common vehicular network attacks effectively, with results including performance metrics; second, contributing significantly to advancing cybersecurity in the IoV domain by demonstrating the feasibility of FL for intrusion detection. The privacy-preserving nature of our approach aligns with emerging trends in decentralized cybersecurity solutions, ensuring data security and integrity in IoV environments. The project evaluated 20 machine learning algorithms that led to the selection of ExtraTreesClassifier as the optimal ML algorithm for our global model, which achieved an accuracy of 83.38%. While the specialized scenario-specific submodels attained very high accuracies ranging from 99.91% to 99.95%, the FL approach allowed for a comprehensive and adaptable solution capable of handling the complex and evolving IoV environment.
    • Machine Unlearning: An Overview of the Paradigm Shift in the Evolution of AI

      Jaman, Layan; Alsharabi, Reem; ElKafrawy, Passent; Department Collaboration; Virtual Reality Lab; 2; 0; Computer Science; 0; Jaman, Layan (IEEE, 2024-01-16)
      The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have primarily focused on the process of learning from data to acquire knowledge for smart systems. However, the concept of machine unlearning has emerged as a transformative paradigm shift in the field of AI, due to the amount of false information that have been learned over the past. Machine unlearning refers to the ability of AI systems to reverse or discard previously acquired knowledge or patterns, enabling them to adapt and refine their understanding in response to changing circumstances or new insights. This paper explores the concept of machine unlearning, its implications, methods, challenges, and potential applications. The paper begins by providing an overview of the traditional learning-based approaches in AI and the limitations they impose on system adaptability and agility. It then delves into the concept of machine unlearning, discussing various techniques and algorithms employed to remove or modify learned knowledge from AI models or datasets.