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  • Mako Kayak

    Shaker, Salma; Shaker, Salma; Shaker, Salma; Shaker, Salma; No Collaboration; Environmental Design of Buildings Lab; 0; 0; Design; 0; et al. (Salma Shaker, 2021-07-13)
    This kayak will be a hybrid between the ocean kayak and the transparent kayak, it will take the best of both worlds. Taking the strong form of the ocean kayak and the fun of the transparent kayak. This sport is a very exciting sport that is loved by many, and should evolve more that already has. We will be using many different research methods, we will be interviewing different type of people like; people with successful kayak business, also regular kayak users. We will be doing a survey that will be answered by over 200 people that will let us know what the people desire in the kayaking industry right now. After knowing what the people want, there will be a sketching and designing phase, then the prototype, models, manufacturing process and lastly the expected result is to have a functioning kayak with a new idea that hasn’t been done before .