Recent Submissions

  • Beauty salon

    Javed, Uzma; Malki, Jaylan; Entrepreneurship
  • The Importance of Work Experience in Entrepreneurship

    Triki, Abdelfattah; Abulzawaid, Sara; Entrepreneurship
    The purpose of this paper is to help understand the correlation of work experience on entrepreneurs. Discussed in this paper is the background of entrepreneurship and the different factors that build entrepreneurs. A quantitative survey was used as an example to assist in the findings and discussion of this paper. Moreover, a qualitative interview method was conducted to further support the relationship between work experience on entrepreneurs. This paper reveals important factors and strategies that can be considered for entrepreneurs to assist in understanding how work experience can reinforce their business journey
  • Saudi Millennials and Luxury. An investigative study on the driving forces behind why Saudi Millennials buy Luxury Goods and services

    Tayachi, Tahar; Shakouri, Raneem; Entrepreneurship
    Over the past couple of decades, GCC economies have become a major growth sector for the luxury goods industry. Many luxury brands including LVMH, Gucci and Hermes have been highly successful in penetrating Gulf Country markets, especially Saudi-Arabia. Many brands such as Prada and Mulberry have struggled gain a foothold in the Middle East (Amaldoss & Jain, 2005; Lynn & Harris, 1997; Worchel, 1992) Many analysts have ascribed the performance of luxury brands mainly to factors originating from the customer side such as meeting expectations of provision of Status and respect as they get noticed by others, great after-sales service, celebrity endorsements, perceived to be of high quality, and to reward oneself. Understanding the motivations of purchase can help a luxury brand to be able to profit from these rapidly growing and highly competitive Middle Eastern Markets such as Saudi-Arabia represents and it’s a research area worth exploring especially taking into account, Saudi Millennials Demographic Segment.
  • Impact Of Covid-19 On Family Business And Corporate Governance In The Ksa

    Triki, Abdelfattah; AlGhadi, Jana; Entrepreneurship
    Family businesses form an important component of both private and public sector of business. It is highly strategic move to set up corporate governance so that the businesses can function effectively and efficiently in the market. It will help in improving the performance of the business by giving right amount of control to the family members as well as the non – family business members to avoid different types of conflict especially the one that is common between the owners and the managers. It also adds definite structure to the business thereby making it more successful. Saudi Arabia is home to many large firms that are run by families. Not only this, SMEs are also family businesses in both sectors. With the emergence of COvid-19 global pandemic the entire business industries across the world have been impacted. This impact was also faced by the family businesses in Saudi Arabia as well. The aim of the research was to assess the impact of Covid-19 on family business and corporate governance, and to find the link between the family business and corporate governance in the KSA. The methodology used was qualitative in nature due to the use of interviews from 2 – 3 family businesses in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that provided with insights of how family business works with corporate governance and its impact on its performance respectively. The results of the research finally concluded that the family businesses.
  • MyPlate: Developing an Efficient Solution for Sustainability and Monitorization of an Individual's Nutritional Health

    Shaheen, Rozina; Bakhshwain, Ragad Mohammed; Entrepreneurship
    A healthy lifestyle is a way that reduces the chances of being seriously ill or dying prematurely. Although not all diseases are preventable, many deaths, especially those caused by coronary heart disease and lung cancer, can be averted. Certain types of behavior have been linked to the development of noncommunicable diseases and early death in scientific investigations. It's not simply about avoiding disease when it comes to good health. Physical, mental, and social well-being are all factors. When a healthy lifestyle is embraced, it provides a more favorable role model for other family members, particularly children. This research helps propose a solution using a device that can be attached to home refrigerators. This device helps household individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle more efficiently.
  • Measuring Financial Forecast Accuracy and Demand Forecasting for Saudi Corporate Sectors

    Shaheen, Rozina; Jan, Ajwan; Master of Science in Finance
    Many companies are facing challenges in forecast uncertainty and how to deal with market fluctuations specially in crises. In this thesis, different kinds of Saudi companies were selected from Tadawul to evaluate their forecast accuracy of Earning Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) with two regressors from (firm specific variables) such as Operating Cost and Firm Size, and two regressors from (macro-economic variables) such as Growth and Inflation rate. Any corporate entity can create opportunity to look to enhance their operation and performance along with customers forecasting range to improve full cycle of supply chain profitability. This research aims to find the optimum forecast efficiency based on two kinds of quantitative models which are Panel Linear Regression method and Generalized Method of Moments (GMM). In order to assess the reliability of the results, Descriptive Statistical Analysis and Unit Root Test were conducted. So, after conducting both models, it shows that both models reflect high efficiency of forecast accuracy for EBIT because of the close to actual result for the in-sample data. The data provided was as panel data for around 10 years of quarter base for most effective 18 companies in 4 varied sectors.