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    • Rebirth of Al-Qarah Mountain, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: Rock resort.

      Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Alorabi, Asayil; Architecture
      The main objective of this research is to collect information about a mountain resort. Beginning with the project statement and the selected city, describing the project vision and how it relates to the 2030 Saudi Vision, and looking for inspiring case studies of similar projects. The mountain resorts became popular these years in Saudi Arabia especially after launching Alula region's hotels and resorts which received widespread echoes in the tourism sectors, it's an idea to connect us with nature by preserving the natural elements as the main elements of the project. Such a project needs to be thoroughly researched with regard to its all aspects such as structure, design, accessibility, etc... to be successful.
    • QEMA: Cultural Wildlife Center

      Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Darweesh, Lara; Architecture
    • Underwater Residence Aquarium

      Ragab, Tarek; Batayb, Saja; Architecture
    • Souq Jeddah: Rediscovering a New Meaning of Souq

      Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Bataweel, Ghadeer; Architecture
      The primary goal of this study is to collect data for Souq designs. Begin by identifying the project statement and the chosen city, then define the project vision and how it corresponds to the 2030 Saudi Vision, provide more supporting case studies, and analyze all requirements. One of the most important aspects of the 2030 vision is entertainment programs. Such a project must be extensively explored in all aspects, and all requirements must be taken into account to create a pleasant user experience. The establishment of the Souq in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will begin with this research, and according to the Entertainment Authority, which was formed in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision, commercial and entertainment initiatives will contribute in the upgrading of people' lives and national tourism.
    • Hirfah Cultural Experience Center

      Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Hussain, Alaa; Architecture
    • AL-Namas Eco Wellness Resort

      Mohammed, Mohammed F. M.; Jaffar, Marwa; Architecture
      The project aims to provide a place where relaxation, healing and recreation within the nature is founded. Constructing a building within the nature and providing spaces among the forests and overlooks the mountains and valleys as well as providing treatment from nature will help people to de stress and have the complete physical, mental and social health. Moreover, the project is seeking for wellness tourism that is important as any other type of tourisms. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia lacks this tourism and projects. There are three thermal water treatment centers in the southern part of the country and they are in a bad condition. Also, there is one under construction in Al-Madinah. Although there are around thirty areas rich with nature and resources that supports this kind of projects.
    • Dar Al-Gharmat

      Ragab, Tarek; Shoeib, Amira; Architecture
    • Marine World

      Fekry, Mohammed; Abualenain, Fatma
      The project aims are to transform Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coastline into a global tourism hotspot. In addition to raise the awareness of pollution. The marine world has many objectives which are: Represent heritage of Jeddah as a coastal city, increase the interactions within the community and create a place to enhance the tourism in Saudi Arabia.
    • The Last Embrace

      Ivaniceva, Marina; Al-Dajani, Layan
      This capstone project proposes a 10 minutes fiction film about the story of Abdulrahman, a forty years old man and father, who is confronted with the reality of death and grief when he is forced to clear up his mother’s apartment who recently and suddenly passed away. The project will involve pre-production, production, and post-production phases. The first part of the capstone thesis (CINA450) consists of two chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction with background information, brief history, and the significance of the project. Chapter 2 includes the project Script, Treatment, Synopsis, Concept art, and Storyboard. The second part of the capstone thesis (CINA451) consists of the third chapter that provides the Pre- Production, Production, and Post-production stages.