Recent Submissions

  • Kum-Kum

    ELHACHADI, MAHASSINE; Jamjoom, Dur; Cinematic Arts
    My Capstone project is about a teenager that was hit with a traumatic experience that changed her behavior. The capstone thesis will consist of three chapters; chapter one of the thesis will provide an introduction, project description, background research, methodology, significance of the project, and the references. Chapter two will consist of the project’s logline, synopsis, treatment, storyboard, script, and director’s statement. Chapter 3 will consist of the evolvement of the film and the result
  • Capstone Project: Yasmeen and the Rain

    ELHACHADI, MAHASSINE; Saas, Sara; Cinematic Arts
    This capstone project proposes an approximate 15-minute fiction film about the story of a young lonely girl who meets the new maid and form a motherly-daughter relationship but then discovers a terrible secret that would risk losing the maid forever. This project will involve pre-production, production, and post-production phases. The first part of the capstone thesis (CINA 450) consists of two chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction with background information, brief history, and significance of the project. Chapter 2 includes the project Script, Treatment, Synopsis, Concept, and Storyboard. The second part of the capstone thesis consists of one Chapter that provides the Pre- Production stage, Production stage, and Post-production stage.