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  • Measuring Financial Forecast Accuracy and Demand Forecasting for Saudi Corporate Sectors

    Shaheen, Rozina; Jan, Ajwan; Master of Science in Finance
    Many companies are facing challenges in forecast uncertainty and how to deal with market fluctuations specially in crises. In this thesis, different kinds of Saudi companies were selected from Tadawul to evaluate their forecast accuracy of Earning Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) with two regressors from (firm specific variables) such as Operating Cost and Firm Size, and two regressors from (macro-economic variables) such as Growth and Inflation rate. Any corporate entity can create opportunity to look to enhance their operation and performance along with customers forecasting range to improve full cycle of supply chain profitability. This research aims to find the optimum forecast efficiency based on two kinds of quantitative models which are Panel Linear Regression method and Generalized Method of Moments (GMM). In order to assess the reliability of the results, Descriptive Statistical Analysis and Unit Root Test were conducted. So, after conducting both models, it shows that both models reflect high efficiency of forecast accuracy for EBIT because of the close to actual result for the in-sample data. The data provided was as panel data for around 10 years of quarter base for most effective 18 companies in 4 varied sectors.
  • System and method for identification of fingerprints

    Khan, Mohammad; No Collaboration; Select your Lab; Entrepreneurship (2016)
    A method for automated fingerprint identification and special purpose programmed computer for carrying out the method are disclosed. The method and system comprise identifying a scar region in a set of pixels in a fingerprint image by using a second order Gaussian derivative filter parameterized using standard deviation, wherein the scar region has a width greater that the width of a regular ridge or a valley of separation between ridges; wherein a boundary, intensity, and flow direction of each pixel is calculated; each pixel being connected to a next adjacent pixel using flow co-ordinates and flow directions; wherein the Gaussian derivative filter has an output and the output is thresholded to create an output mask with value=1 at the scar regions and value=0 outside the scar regions; and changing the intensity of pixels in the identified scar region with the intensity of the nearest boundary pixel until the intensities of all the pixels in the scar region are changed to the intensity of their flow direction identified boundary pixels.
  • An Entrepreneurial Approach for Government Employee Family Welfare in Developing Countries

    Khan, Mohammad; Entrepreneurship (April 2022)
    Developing countries like Pakistan face challenges of payment of sufficient benefits at the superannuation to their government employees. Anticipating this the employees resort to unfair practices in an endeavour to safeguard own and family’s future post retirement. This paper identifies the problem and proposes a solution whereby the government has minimal resource investment and yet their employees and families can generate revenues on continual basis through productive family concept. The model is proposed for Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa (KPK) province police department initially and can be replicated for other government departments and countries. The concept can generate a number of jobs and raise the economic conditions at micro levels thus contributing nationally.