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  • The Perceived Image of Nudity in Digital Advertisements

    Daou, Lindos; College Collaboration; Daou, Lindos (18 January)
    The perception of nudity in ads is a very wide and critical topic and it has been commonly used in advertising campaigns in different countries. Many factors influence the perception of customers in advertisements such as gender, education level, culture and race. The purpose of this study is to determine how taboo related to sex and nudity is perceived in ads and how it effects the brand itself. Data was collected via an online questionnaire and was distributed to Lebanese women of different age groups, educational levels, religions, affiliations and occupations. The results showed that nudity level affects consumers’ attention and interpretation of digital advertisements. Furthermore, the study concluded that the presence of nudity in ads has an effect over the purchasing intention.
  • Business and Social Media in the Middle East

    Daou, Lindos; College Collaboration; Marketing; Daou, Lindos (Springer International Publishing, 2020)
  • Impact of Facebook marketing on Lebanese athletes' decision-making process

    Daou, Lindos; College Collaboration; Marketing; Daou, Lindos (Inderscience, 2018-06-02)
    This article tackles the impact of Facebook marketing on the Lebanese sports community. It explores the different components of social media marketing tools while stressing on Facebook as a mean of influencing athletes' decision-making process. Hypotheses were generated to analyse the relationships between the following three factors of Facebook marketing: athlete Facebook interaction, daily exposure, and ads including brand ambassadors and the consumers' decision-making process. Our study was carried out on a sample of 385 athletes affiliated to sports clubs, NGO's, sports associations, sports communities and sports brand ambassadors. The results of the empirical study revealed a positive relationship between Facebook marketing and the decision-making process of the Lebanese sports society. Furthermore, it stressed on the importance of Facebook interaction as it deemed to be a catalyst to brand's image, and has an indirect impact on sales. Ads including sports brand ambassadors were shown to play an important role as well as in enhancing brand's sales.
  • The Effectiveness of Nostalgic Marketing on the Market Offerings in Saudi Arabia

    Tayachi, Tahar; Idrees, Shaima; Marketing
    As the market offerings are increasing and new deferent alternatives of these offerings are being introduced to the market every day, marketers are coming up with deferent ways and concepts to promote their products or services. The deferent ways and concepts that are used in promotion help in differentiating between the offerings that the market has. This research aims to understand the meaning of nostalgic marketing and its effect on the market of Saudi Arabia. This study will highlight the importance of nostalgic marketing and the respond that it generates in the market of Saudi Arabia. The target population will be the population of Jeddah. Survey method will be used where the survey participants will be more than 100. The survey will be carried out using digital survey forms e.g.: iPad, tablet etc. The findings of this research According to the report, tailored advertisements are the most effective nostalgic stimulus in Saudi Arabia, followed by joyful memories, communal nostalgia, and cultural nostalgia, with digital nostalgia being the least successful nostalgic notion employed in this market. When the five nostalgia triggers are applied in marketing, they might elicit three different emotions from the Saudi market: emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions. These reactions can occur as a single reaction or all three at the same time from the same commercial, and they can come as a and out come from the market after multiple advertisements were placed in it. According to the poll, joyful memories and communal nostalgia stimuli will elicit an emotional response the majority of the time, whereas tailored advertisements, cultural nostalgia, and digital nostalgia will elicit a cognitive response.
  • Impact of Covid-19 On Saudi Consumers Behavior Examining Consumers Preference For Using Online Shopping Apps Websites

    Javid, Uzma; Binsiddiq, Sulafa; Human Resource Management
    The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is one of the largest human tragedies ever encountered on the globe. It has affected and is still affecting millions of peoples’ health, mentally and physically in addition to the global economy. It has significantly impacted thousands of companies around the world and forced businesses to close due to many disruptions. Different economies in various countries have been affected due to the major shifts and reshaping of consumers’ behavior. Consumers were forced to adapt their behavior daily. Moreover, considering the restricted circumstances due to the pandemic and lockdown online shopping has become more attractive and probably more convenient to consumers. This paper aims to study the impact of Covid-19 on Saudi consumers’ behavior and examine Saudi consumers’ preferences for using online shopping apps and websites to predict the future behaviors of businesses to adapt to these changes. This research uses a quantitative approach. The target population will be Saudi consumers. A survey method will be used where the survey participants will be 100 or more. The findings of this research display that Saudi consumers currently prefer online shopping apps/websites as they grew more reliable and convenient with many advantages during the pandemic.