Recent Submissions

  • Challenges and Opportunities Faced by the Students and Faculty Members

    Daou, Lindos; El Hajj, Cynthia; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Marketing; 0; Daou, Lindos (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2023-12-28)
    This chapter examines the difficulties and opportunities that students and faculty members face within the context of higher education. Understanding the experiences and perspectives of students and faculty members is essential for enhancing the quality of education as a whole. The paper examines the various obstacles students face, including financial constraints, academic pressure, mental health issues, and the need to adapt to swiftly changing technology. In addition, it addresses the challenges faculty members experience, such as heavy workloads, limited resources, the pressure to publish research, and the need for professional development. In addition, the chapter describes the opportunities available to students and faculty members, including access to diverse learning resources, collaborative research opportunities, technological advancements, and the potential for personal and professional development. By recognizing these challenges and opportunities, institutions can create environments that foster learning, research, and the holistic growth of both students and faculty.
  • The Cultural Side of Entrepreneurship in the Middle East: Religion, Gender and Family

    Azouri, Marwan; Daou, Lindos; Entrepreneurship (Springer International Publishing, 2022-01-22)
    This chapter discusses the cultural side of entrepreneurship in the Middle East and how it influences business. In this context Hofstede developed a framework that explains how national cultures can influence organizational culture as well. We delve deeper into the discussion of the role of gender in entrepreneurship and focus on the limited role of women in the business world in the region. Another important element of culture is the role of the family, which traditionally has been the cornerstone for the sustainability of small businesses in the Middle East. Finally, the chapter concludes with looking at the importance of the role of religion as it affects businesses in the region, since religion has usually been considered a taboo subject for business. However, religion implicitly influences ways of doing business and routine practices in all organizations.