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  • LIF DRUMS " Transferring Water "

    Khalifa, Sajid; Khalifa, Sajid; Gashgari, Jomana; Design
    Underdeveloped countries suffer from water shortage problems, especially in African, rural and refugee countries, and the reason is due to the increase in the world's population, the exacerbation of climate change, and rising temperatures. People spend most of their times to go for a long distance several times to bring clean water. This project is about an improvement product to transfer water which is called " Hippo Roller". Particularly It's used in underdeveloped countries like a South African, beside different uses like a container. This product is also available and be using in different areas like: refugee camps and journeys and most of underdeveloped countries are suffering from transporting water. This project will present a project to improve solutions that help these countries to transfer water easily. Besides that, the project has benefits to users and defines the problem which they suffer. This paper describes an ongoing action research study based on application of the principles of collecting data and information by observation, research on the internet, watching videos, and recorded notes by asking people about their problems in collecting water and how to carry it. It's as an outcome a correct, store and transport driving water will come into existence; which will be good and has been as comfortable, compact so, can be used in different easy ways (push or pull) with water filling in record time and in the large capacity of the water in short time.
  • Influence of Saudi Arabian cultural beliefs on self-stigmatization and help-seeking in mental disorders

    Merdad, Dr. Nisma; Abudaqiq, Reem khalil; Psychology
    This study investigates the multifaceted influences of cultural beliefs on self- stigmatization and help-seeking behaviors in individuals diagnosed with mood disorders in Saudi Arabia. Utilizing a qualitative thematic analysis approach, interviews were conducted with Effat University psychology students to explore their experiences with mood disorders, diagnostic processes, community attitudes, self-stigma, external influences, comfort levels in seeking mental health help, cultural factors, and suggestions for adapting mental health interventions. The findings highlight the significant impact of cultural norms and societal pressures on mental health perceptions and self-stigmatization. Community attitudes were predominantly negative, with mental health issues often seen as imaginary or unacceptable, leading to substantial self- stigma and low comfort levels in seeking help. External factors such as media, societal views, and cultural norms reinforced negative stereotypes and stigma. However, religious beliefs and traditions emerged as potential facilitators for positive help-seeking behaviors, suggesting that culturally sensitive interventions could enhance acceptance and efficacy. The study underscores the importance of integrating cultural and religious contexts into mental health services to improve support and reduce stigma, emphasizing the need for cultural awareness and sensitivity among mental health professionals and policymakers. The insights from this research contribute to the development of more inclusive and effective strategies for addressing self-stigmatization and promoting mental health well-being in diverse cultural settings.
  • The Effect of Financial statement disclosure on a Company’s value

    BenSaïda, Ahmed; Danish, Tamara; Finance
    Study discussed the critical role of financial statement disclosure in corporate governance and finance, emphasizing its importance in providing transparency and relevant information to stakeholders. The introduction sets the stage for a deeper exploration of how financial disclosure influences a company’s perceived and actual market value. Literature Review: This section delves into existing research on the subject, highlighting three theoretical frameworks: agency theory, signalling theory, and stakeholder theory. It also examines empirical evidence demonstrating the positive relationship between financial statement disclosure and various aspects of a company's market value, such as cost of capital, analyst coverage, and financial performance. Methodology: Study is quantitative involves data collected from financial statements and annual reports of 26 listed Saudi companies over four years, segmented by year and company for detailed analysis. The methodology includes comparative analysis of financial metrics like revenue and net profit. Findings/Discussion: This section interprets the data's implications for each entity's financial health and position within the market. It discusses how transparency in financial statements can influence investor trust and confidence, impacting stock prices and overall market valuation. Conclusion: The research concludes that comprehensive and high-quality financial statement disclosure positively impacts a company's market value, cost of capital, analyst coverage, and financial performance. However, it suggests the need for further research to explore specific channels through which financial statement disclosure affects company value and the role of contextual factors.
  • Impact Of Working Capital Management On Profitability In The Listed Firms In The Retail Sector In The Saudi Stock Exchange

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; AlHashiem, Yasmin; Department Collaboration; NA; 1; 0; Finance; 0; AlHashiem, Yasmin (PAL.ARCH, 2021-05-09)
    Working capital management is an important issue in financial management, considering its large role on the profitability and liquidity of firms. This paper aims to explore the effects of working capital management on profitability in 14 Saudi retail companies that are listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) over the period of 2011-2014. This study will employ panel data regression analysis using Pooled OLS to test the relationship between working capital components, which are the cash conversion cycle (CCC), current assets to total assets (CATAR), current assets to current liabilities ratio (CACLR), current liabilities to total assets ratio (CLTAR) and debt to total assets ratio (DTAR) and profitability measured by return on assets (ROA) and return on invested capital (ROIC). The working capital management components represent the independent variables, while the profitability variables represent the dependent variables used in the model. The results show no significant relationship between working capital management components and ROA and ROIC in all the companies and the ones who predominantly deal with services, except for companies that deal with mainly goods, where there is a significant negative relationship between CACLR and ROA.
  • Assessing the speculative dynamics and determinants of residential apartment rentals in Mogadishu, Somalia: A hybrid modeling approach

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Nor, Mohamed Ibrahim; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; Nor, Mohamed Ibrahim (Elsevier, 2024-01-12)
    There has been relatively rapid growth in Somalia's real estate sector recently, resulting in property market booms in major cities of the country. Despite this sector's importance, very little scientific research has been conducted. Thus, this study aims to model the rental value of residential apartments in Mogadishu, Somalia. A hybrid modeling approach is utilized, in which a hedonic regression model was used in the first phase and an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in the second. After analysis, the study established that an apartment's age, size, value, view, number of toilets, air quality, proximity to CBD, proximity to a university and probability of explosion are key factors determining apartment rental rates in Mogadishu, while floor level, parking space, and school proximity do not have a significant impact on apartment rental rates. Because of speculation, there is a higher likelihood of overvaluation than undervaluation in the housing market, which has profound policy and practical implications. Rather than being driven by real demand, Mogadishu's real estate market is driven by speculation, as overvaluation signals are more evident than undervaluation signals. As one of the world's poorest nations, where 70% of the population lives below the international poverty line, and about 80% of jobs are in the informal sector, extreme speculative activities adversely affect Somalia's economic quality and the living conditions of its citizens. Somali citizens need government policies that facilitate the accessibility, affordability, and adequate availability of decent housing. The study recommends protecting Somalia's real estate sector to attract more investors and boost the country's post-conflict development initiatives. A vital contribution of the study is that it is the first to examine the rental value of residential apartments in Mogadishu systematically. This study contributes significantly to housing economics and real estate development literature.
  • Impact of FinTech Growth on Bank Performance in GCC Region

    Litimi, Houda; Bensaida, Ahmed; Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Department Collaboration; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; et al. (SAGE Journals, 2023-12-29)
    This article investigates the effect of financial technology (FinTech) growth on bank performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The application is conducted on a panel dataset containing annual observations of banks from 2012 to 2021 using the generalized method of moments (GMM) method. FinTech growth is set as an explanatory variable on three proxies of bank performance, namely, return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), and net interest margin (NIM). Moreover, several control variables are added to the model, including bank-specific and macroeconomic variables. The results are significant as all the proxies of bank performance are negatively affected by the growth of FinTech startups. Consequently, banks are urged to proactively invest in FinTech startups and engage in partnerships to avoid the risk of disruption.
  • Digital Twin for Neurology: An Introduction to a New Frontier in Healthcare

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Chishti, Mohammad Ahsan; Ashraf, Taniya; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; Ashraf, Taniya (IEEE, 2024-03-21)
    A digital twin (DT) is a virtual representation of a real thing that features two-way interactive links connecting the physical object and its digital twin. Significant improvements in healthcare, notably in the area of neurology, are being made because of DT technology. Clinicians can mimic therapies and track disease progression in real-time using DTs to build a virtual duplicate of the brain and neural systems. Digital twins can also aid scientists and medical professionals in comprehending the progression and onset of neurological illnesses, which can lead to the development of more efficient treatments for ailments. The development of digital twins can help healthcare professionals manage large amounts of patient data by standardizing the integration of data from various sources, implementing individualized clinical pathways, fostering physician-patient communication, and promoting shared decision-making. This paper explores the concept of Digital Twin technology and its key features, as well as the services it offers for healthcare. The focus then shifts to specific applications of DTs in neurology, including Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine, and epilepsy. The paper also discusses the challenges of implementing digital twins in healthcare, such as data privacy and security, data management, and ethical concerns as well as the potential future direction of DT in neurology to enhance diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Deep Learning Meets Graph Theory: A Novel Approach to Generating Embeddings for Recommender Systems

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Din, Aafaq Mohi Ud; Qureshi, Shaima; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; Din, Aafaq Mohi Ud (IEEE, 2024-01-15)
    Graph-based models have emerged as a promising approach for capturing intricate relationships in various real-world applications [1], including recommendation systems. A novel approach called P-GNN (Partitioned-Graph Neural Network) has been proposed in this work, which utilizes the bipartite graph structure commonly used in recommendation systems. The approach generates separate embeddings for users and items, allowing highly discriminative recommendations. A significant advantage of this approach is its ability to address the oversmoothing and cold-start problem by computing separate subgraphs for users and items. This feature enables the generation of embeddings even for new users or items. The effectiveness of the proposed approach has been evaluated on multiple benchmark datasets and compared against state-of-the-art methods. The results demonstrate that Partitioned-GNN outperforms existing approaches, highlighting the potential of graph-based methods for recommendation systems.
  • Realizing the Pristine Islamic Economics and Social System Through Gold-Based Productive Waqf: Introducing the Ubaid Waqf Economy Model for Empowering Businesses and Individuals

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Meera, Ahamed Kameel Mydin; Kemin, Abu Ubaidah; External Collaboration; Islamic Finance Studies Unit; 0; 0; Finance; 0; meera, Ahamed Kameel Mydin (AIJR Publisher, 2024-02-09)
    It is an ardent desire of many Muslims to witness the realization of a true Islamic economy that is benevolent to the community. The growth and advancement of Islamic banking and finance within the present riba-based monetary system, is indeed a step towards that vision. However, the success of the industry has not translated into uplifting the society’s socioeconomic standards. In addition, the current financial systems have rendered economies and environment unsustainable. The need arises to look beyond traditional financial institutions and economic models to seek a sustainable, equitable system that will benefit all sections of the community. Towards this end, this paper proposes an innovative Waqf Economy model that is being practiced in South East Asia, which in our reasoning is capable of rendering that pristine Islamic Economics and Social system that is aspired.
  • Improving the security of Internet of Things (IoT) using Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

    Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Rahim, Rahila; Chishti, Mohammad Ahsan; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; Rahim, Rahila (IEEE, 2024-03-21)
    The potential of both current and future IoT applications is substantial in improving user comfort, productivity, and automation. However, to continue implementing this technology on a larger scale and across various devices, it is necessary to have high levels of security, privacy, authentication, and resilience against attacks. With the development of many IoT technologies that rely on the internet, there is a constant threat of cyberattacks that can wreak havoc globally. Denial of service attacks can disrupt network security and result in illegal access, misuse, or alteration. Using IoT in real-world environments requires security and privacy considerations. Increasing cyberattacks and security breaches have made safeguarding IoT infrastructure and networks a top priority in today’s computing landscape. This paper examines the latest solution for IoT security using Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to achieve secure end-to-end environments. This paper explores the profound impact of IDSs on IoT security such as vulnerability detection, Anomaly detection, real-time alerts, incidence response, etc. Furthermore, the paper focuses on various challenges regarding the applicability and implementation of IDS technology in real-world scenarios.
  • The Relationship between Family Problems and their Impact on the Academic Performance of University Students in Saudi Arabia

    Nisma, Merdad; Alanezi, Manar; Psychology
    Family problems is a rising issue in Saudi Arabia. It often leads to a negative impact on the family members who directly or indirectly live through it. Family problems can be defined as any verbal or non-verbal conflict arising in the family due to misunderstandings and problems that often results in physical or mental harassments. Year after year, many cases of domestic violence have been reported in news and the numbers keep increasing from time to time and experiencing this problem is leaving negative impact on the victim. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of the rise in family problems and to discover their result on the academic acheivements of university students in Saudi Arabia A cross sectional study was carried out in form of questionnaires that was distributed to the students in university based in Jeddah. The questionnaires were designed in such a way to explore and exclude that the academic stress was not included. There were total of 30 responses from students across various departments. This will aim to establish whether there is a connection between family problems and academic performance.
  • The impact Of Marketing Expenditure On Finance Profit and Loss Account

    tayachi, taher; Masoudi, Fatma; Finance
    Abstract: Marketing is often a misunderstood term; for example, some people confuse marketing with advertising. Marketing could be defined as an overall process in which customers get the goods and services they want and the sellers get paid for what they sell so that a profit can be made. This rather simplistic definition, however, does not give any indication to people all of the things involved in the process of marketing that can involve many costs like advertising and market research as well as production of merchandise. The thesis by the researcher aims to shine a light on how the many costs of marketing such as advertising and marketing research can have an impact on the Profit & loss account of a company
  • Impact of the Tourism Industry on Economic Growth in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

    Shaheen, Rozina; Alsayed, Wasan; Finance
    Tourism forms part of economic, cultural, and social occurrence that comprises the movement of people from one region or country to another. The essence of tourism is to explore different environments either professionally, for business, or personal reasons. This study discusses the relationship between tourism and economic growth in the GCC, exploring the impact of Inbound Tourist Arrivals (ITAs) and Inbound Tourist Receipts (ITRs) alongside key economic indicators. The literature review illustrates the role of foreign investments, political alliances, and challenges faced by GCC nations in fostering tourism. Methodologically, a quantitative approach is employed, utilizing economic indicators like ITAs, ITRs, unemployment rates, labor productivity, and gross capital formation. Surprisingly, the findings reveal nuanced dynamics, with ITRs exhibiting a complex influence on economic growth. Moreover, each GCC nation demonstrates distinct patterns in tourism indicators. The discussion interprets these findings, urging policymakers to consider diversified tourism strategies, strengthen economic fundamentals, and reevaluate metrics for tourism contributions. Collaboration among GCC countries is emphasized, with an eye on continuous monitoring and adaptation to dynamic global trends. The study significantly contributes to understanding the intricate interplay between tourism and economic growth in the GCC, challenging conventional wisdom and offering pragmatic recommendations for policymakers. Future research should build upon these insights, fostering a comprehensive understanding of this symbiotic relationship.
  • Physics-based and data-driven approaches for lifetime estimation under variable conditions: Application to organic light-emitting diodes

    Helal, Sara; BenSaïda, Ahmed; Abed, Fidaa; El-Amin, Mohamed F.; Abdul Majid, Mohammed; Kittaneh, Omar; Department Collaboration; College collaboration; University Collaboration; External Collaboration; et al. (Wiley, 2024-03-04)
    The prognosis of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) not only requires early detection of a bearing defect, but also the capability to predict their life data under all operational scenarios. The use of sophisticated machine learning (ML) algorithms is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly exciting research direction, as these algorithms can yield high predictive models with minimal domain expertise. The central question of this perspective is: how well can ML models advance our ability to forecast the lifetime of OLEDs compared to the physics based models? In this paper, data-driven methods, feed-forward neural networks (FFNN), support vector machines (SVMs), k-nearest neighbors (KNNs), partial least squares regression (PLSR), and decision trees (DTs), are used to predict the lifetime and reliability of OLEDs through analyzing the lumen degradation data collected from the accelerated lifetime test. The final predicted results indicate that both the data-driven and our physics-based OLED lifetime models fit well the experimental data. The main drawback of the former method is that their efficacy is highly contingent on the quantity and quality of the operational dataset. Among all these methods, much more reliability information (time to failure) and the highest prediction accuracy can be achieved by FFNN.
  • Impact of 5S method On the Organization Performance: A Case Study the Apparel Industry, KSA

    Tayachi, Tahar; Muzoon, Alasbali; Finance
    The 5S method is a Japanese system that involves workplace management improvements. It further analyses the effect of the 5s method in the apparel & textile industry as a case study and how its implementation directly impacts saving time and costs. 5s process helps to eliminate waste, reduce defects, and help in improving the productivity of the business. Further, reducing clutter and junk at the workplace is hygienic and ergonomic. This research aims to identify and present key concepts of 5S perspective. These findings link 5S to productivity improvement, which are aligned to an integrated maintenance system rather than maintenance system before. This paper explores the 5S management concept, its advantages and the framework required to implement the system in the Apparel Industry. This research paper tries to identify how the 5s method is implemented in the Apparel industry and how it has helped the industry improve its waste reduction targets, profitability, and productivity. The apparel industry uses the 5S to dispose of the wastage and use the factory production layout to smooth working, wastages are cleared, and regularly maintained space. This would help minimize managing time, moving part finished apparel from one process to another quickly, and final apparel can be stitched and packed in a faster time process. This will improve the business's profitability and enhance its competitiveness in the local and international market sectors.
  • Translation Techniques and Problems: With the Translation and Analysis of a Short Story:"Frozen, the Junior Novelization" by Nathan and Roman

    Jday, Wassim; wassim; Algamdi, Fatemah; English & Translation
    The aim of this research paper is to translate some chapters of a short English novel "Frozen, the junior novelization" (Nathan and Roman, 2013), to Arabic language. This story is one of the most famous stories from Disney and had been made into a popular movie. The Translation technique or strategies, and the problems that faced for the translator, the obstacle and techniques used while translating the story will be illustrated, to help translators overcome the obstacle and use the proper strategies while translating

    Refaat, Ahmed Mohamed; Alrashed, Nouf; Architecture
  • Strategies for Urban Regeneration of The Deteriorated Areas

    Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fekry, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Refaat, Associate; Fekry; A.Alobeid, Nawar; Architecture
    As a result of urban sprawl in Jeddah that led to losing control over the old neighborhoods and focusing more on developing new neighborhoods that attract residents through internal migration. Therefore, many deteriorated areas and slums started to appear in the urban fabric of Jeddah. However, not all these deteriorated areas need the same level of urban regeneration. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to provide a classification tool for these deteriorated areas that will contribute in helping the developers and decision-makers in the regeneration process. So, the research will address how the deteriorated areas could be classified according to specific characteristics and criteria, and what are the appropriate strategies for upgrading or regenerating each case. The data collection is derived from previous literature reviews, research studies, and different case studies of existing projects as well. The survey study will be directed to experts in the field, in order to verify the importance of the proposed characteristics that contribute to build the desired framework model. The results of the survey will examine the validation and effectiveness of the developed framework at the local scale. As it will be applied in one of the deteriorated neighborhoods of Jeddah. Finally, conclusion and recommendations will be provided at the end of the research. As it will measures the accuracy of the developed framework, and shows the extent to which developers and decision makers will rely on this framework as a classification tool measurement, for generating all the deteriorated areas whether in local or international contexts.
  • The Impact of Working Capital Management on the Financial Performance of the Energy Sector of Saudi Arabia

    BenSaïda, Ahmed; Saleh, Alaa; Finance
    This study aims to investigate the relationship between working capital management (WCM) and the financial performance of the Saudi energy sector. Previous research indicated that working capital management consists of managing five core components: Cash, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Inventory and Short-term debt. However, the impact of only three of them on the financial performance will be examined. These three are: Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, and Short-term debt. Furthermore, the data were collected from the financial statements of all the six energy companies listed in Tadawul during the period of 2019-2022. In this study, Current ratio is used as a proxy for WCM while Return on Assets is used to assess the financial performance. In addition, Debt to Equity ratio is used as a moderate variable to examine the leverage impact on the financial performance. To analyse these variables, a linear regression model is used. Results show that there is not enough evidence to say that working capital management affect the financial performance of the Saudi energy sector, which is not the case for leverage as it does impact the sector. In addition, possible justifications for these findings are provided. Finally, this study recommends other research to investigate why working capital management may not impact the financial performance of the Saudi energy sector.
  • Impact of FinTech growth on bank performance in GCC region

    BenSaïda, Ahmed; Litimi, Houda; Raheem, Mohamed Mahees; Department Collaboration; External Collaboration; NA; 0; 0; Finance; 0; et al. (Sage, 2024-01)
    This article investigates the effect of financial technology (FinTech) growth on bank performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The application is conducted on a panel dataset containing annual observations of banks from 2012 to 2021 using the generalized method of moments (GMM) method. FinTech growth is set as an explanatory variable on three proxies of bank performance, namely, return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), and net interest margin (NIM). Moreover, several control variables are added to the model, including bank-specific and macroeconomic variables. The results are significant as all the proxies of bank performance are negatively affected by the growth of FinTech startups. Consequently, banks are urged to proactively invest in FinTech startups and engage in partnerships to avoid the risk of disruption.

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