Recent Submissions

  • Motorcycle helmet Coverx

    Khalifa, Sajid; Almutawa, Wejdan; Design
    By their nature, motorcycles are less resistant to shocks than closed cars. In addition to being less stable than four-wheel-drive vehicles, they are also less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle requires a set of physical and mental abilities, while operating a motorcycle requires another set. Compared to drivers of enclosed cars, motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to danger from weather and road conditions. A common problem faced by motorcyclists is the difficulty of using a mobile phone, which is often necessary, such as using it to find out locations or otherwise, causing accidents that have caused a large number of injuries and deaths around the world. Is there a way to reduce the number of accidents resulting from using a phone while driving? Is there an idea that it would be safer for motorcyclists to be able to use the phone? As a result, the study recommended implementing the product idea, reducing accidents and making motorcyclists more comfortable, abandoning their phones, and focusing on driving. The motorcycle helmet product idea has a lot of features, including headphones, Bluetooth, a camera, and a location map. The idea of the product sheds light on a long-term problem that has caused disasters, many of which are due to negligence and non-compliance with traffic laws.
  • Resort for Retirees

    Abderazik., Ahmed; Almadani, Badryih; Design
    This paper serves the reason for collecting different types of data and studies about the lack of a specialized center for retirees in Jeddah. The goal of this graduation project in interior design is to develop and design a center to start a new life for retirees as a headquarters to attract retirees to complete their careers and fill their time in different and useful ways.
  • Smart Pet Carrier

    Khalifa, Sajid; Hasan, Raghd; Design
    This project is about designing a pet carrier. This carrier will not only benefit the pet but the owner as well. Most of the pet carrier designs in the market do not have many functions to help the owner and the pet while they are in the outside environment especially with the hot weather like in Saudi Arabia. This product idea came through personal experience. The hot weather does not suit cats, it affects them badly and the current pet carrier do not help the pet nor the owner. In this project, many research methods are used to identify the market competitors, product features and user requirements, which allowed to prepare product design brief and specification. As a result, number of concepts emerged and through analysis the final models and prototypes developed that archives the new pet carrier design.
  • Robonani smart baby bouncer seat

    Khalifa, Sajid; Halawani, Joud; Design (Effat University, 2020)
    The purpose of this study case after looking at the revolution of baby bouncer innovation and designs , is to enhance the product and reduce the errors in use , making it more flexible, equitable , low physical effort ,and most impotently sustainable and reliable. Since the whole project revolves around the baby’s comfort , safety ,and making parents life less complex for their new-born , therefore my project is directed towards making the optimum and efficient product . Throughout my research I analysed enough information regarding a baby seat , also the design requirements,features,and portability. Since children remain seated for long periods of time ,This product will be providing the ideal design, being focused on the ergonomics of the seating area for the baby’s healthy growth and it need to keep the baby safe and busy using the right tools and accessories that are great for entertainment as well as their mental development. Moreover keeping a baby stimulated and active is a way to learn about the environment and themselves . ROBONANI is a new futuristic redesign of the baby bouncer making it more elevated, with exciting new features and usability also with choosing a lightweight material for easier portability and flexibility .