Recent Submissions

  • Temporarily Sleeping Pods for Hajj

    Khalifa, Sajid; Noorsaeed, Eshrag; Design
    This study is discussing the situation of Hajj residence in mecca and propose a solution to improve it by incorporating the Hotel Capsules concept to create a new design suitable for the situation in Hajj residents. Hajj is a Muslim religious practice that involves a series of rituals that take place around Mecca (in modern day Saudi Arabia) every year. Pilgrims stay in tents in a limited space with little privacy which produces additional problems of difficulties maintaining the residence clean and organized during pilgrims’ stay. The information was gathered through an online survey and interview as well as from observations and experience. The results show that the Hajj capsules will improve residence conditions in hajj. This information can encourage researchers to have further developments and improvement and receive the support of organizations and the public. Several limitations are found in the study, the research is based on surveys and interviews. Therefore, they are subject to biases. Also, the limited time frame resulted in our having an insufficient sample size. Further studies should be conducted over a wider time frame.
  • Jeddah Theme Park

    Khalifa, Sajid; Alnaqeb, Muna; Design
  • Ergonomics of Baby Carrier

    Khalifa, Sajid; Alshareif, Ghaidaa; Design
    The study concerns the Baby Carrier's Ergonomics on the current baby carriers in the market, scopes, and issue statements are defined with an overall design Model review. There are many baby carriers on the market these days including; baby slings, baby wrap, and baby carrier backpack. Most parents tend to put the baby in the wrong position. The ergonomic carrier allows parents to carry the baby on the front, back, and hip to ensure that the baby is placed in the anatomically correct position for proper spine and hip growth. Many carriers have openings that hang nearly straight down the thighs of the child. It is also important to note that the material selection is vital in order to give the baby and parents comfort. Many carriers have openings nearly straight down where the baby's thighs hang. The material choice will also allow both the baby and their parents feel relaxed. This project aims to examine the dimension of ergonomics in the current baby carriers’ model and review the norm and legal issues related to the layout of babies. Therefore, this need will improve the baby carrier's safety and ergonomics. Benchmarking and anthropometric analysis were often performed to differentiate between three types of baby carrier that are baby sling, baby wrap and backpack carrier in terms of size and ergonomic characteristics.
  • Towards a Framework for the Socio-Spatial- Economic Regeneration of Historical Suqs

    Ibrahim, Asmaa; Alouthah, Deema; Master of Science in Urban Design
    Saudi Arabia has hundreds of heritage places all around its cities. Old Jeddah is one of the most significant places among them. It is known as Albalad, which is rich in heritage and cultural values. In 2014, Albalad was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since then, the government has begun to promote and regenerate the area to attract visitors and tourists worldwide. In 2022, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman launched a project about revitalizing Historical Jeddah. This project aims to develop the whole historical context, including the old Suqs, to be more socially and economically livable as part of the main objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. These historical Suqs are full of crafts and traditional products surrounding historical buildings. Historical Jeddah suqs include four main ones: The Al-Alawi, Bedouin, Al-khaskiyah, and Nada markets. However, the rapid growth and the emergence of the oil era led to the historic Jeddah deterioration. This deterioration has affected the economic and social aspects of old Suqs. Accordingly, this paper addresses the socio-spatial challenges facing the regeneration of the historic Souq in an attempt to increase the livability of these Suqs to be more attractive not only for tourists but also for residents and typical users. The research will identify different challenges users face inside the Al-Balad region on weekends and weekdays to deduce the best regeneration scenarios. This will ensure the conservation of the historical identity while corresponding to all current needs of all users and tourists and make use of all abandoned spaces and historical buildings included within the historical Suqs. This research methodology conducts a triangulated method using qualitative and quantitative data collection tools. This includes questionnaires in addition to semi-structured interviews that will be managed with traders of Albalad Market and decision-makers. Furthermore, the in-depth on-site observation method shall cover a specific market zone which is Al-Alawi Suq. Finally, the expected result of this research is the deduction of a framework for regenerating the historical Suqs of Albalad to revitalize them socially and economically.
  • The Potentials of Jeddah Neighborhoods to Adopt the Rapid Urban Development Approaches

    Refaat, Ahmed Mohamed; Al-Kesmi, Fatma; Master of Science in Urban Design
    Due to rapid urbanization and the fast pace of urban development, several open spaces experience a lack of unused areas that have a poor design in the development of fulfilling the users' physical and social needs. To enhance these open spaces and promote the quality of life of their users, there is a need to adopt more rapid urban development and transformation approaches rather than traditional ones. Thus, this research explores the potential of adopting rapid urban development approaches to enhance the quality of life in open spaces. To achieve this aim, the researcher investigates two urban development approaches: Tactical Urbanism and Urban Acupuncture. In this sense, the research attempts to identify these approaches’ principles, types of projects/tactics, and constraints. Thus, through a cross-comparison of stakeholders' perspectives, the research highlights the resemblance principles and types of projects that can be adopted to enhance the quality of life in open spaces and the typical constraints that should be addressed, which deduce the mapping of the potential of rapid urban development approaches to enhance the quality of life in Jeddah’s neighborhoods.
  • Urban regeneration for residential open spaces in deteriorated areas in Jeddah

    Mohamed, Mady; Alkhateeb, Azzah; Master of Science in Urban Design
    There are many residential open spaces contains different problems that affect the image of the city. These problems have different dimensions which are physical, social, and environmental conditions that refer to deteriorated urban areas. Urban regeneration as a process seeks to resolve these problems. The definition of urban regeneration is a process of comprehensive vision seeking to resolve urban problems in order to achieve lasting improvement of social, economic, environmental, and physical conditions in area offers opportunities for improvement. Urban regeneration aims to provide opportunities to improve the area conditions and create a sustainable development transformation in the long-term. Thus, it achieves diversity and vitality to enhance the resident's livability, health, safety, and sustainability to be a successful paradigm for city spaces in the future. Urban regeneration as a process promotes inclusive, resilient, safe, and sustainable cities. Urban regeneration conditions are not conflicted, but it is interconnected in nature which is recognized by successful urban regeneration projects. Therefore, it is important to consider the balance to ensure the upward path of the locality in long-term. The social, economic, environmental, and physical conditions influence the decision-makers to find an appropriate solution to resolve the problems of residential open spaces for deteriorated areas. This study aims to analyze the relationship between urban regeneration and sustainable development as a comprehensive vision to be developed residential open spaces for deteriorated areas in Jeddah. The research methodology depends on the triangulated methods and tools. Firstly, an analytical literature review of the principles and criteria of urban regeneration and sustainable urban development is conducted. The precedent analysis is the second method to learn from well-recognized case studies. The third method is the field study which includes site observation and survey. The expected main result of the research is a proposed framework of different factors and
  • Restoring the Human Dimension in Urban Open Spaces in Jeddah Neighborhoods

    Refaat, Ahmed Mohamed; Ghazoliy, Shahd; Master of Science in Urban Design
    The impact of fast transformations and globalization on urban development endangers the quality of urban life. As a result, cities have lost their primary role, which is that cities must serve their residents. Also, the towns became dependent on cars, leading to the loss of the human dimension and negatively affecting the quality of life. Thus, there is a need to restore the human dimension of urban open spaces through a balanced and healthful relationship between human being and their cities. From this position, this research aims to identify an appropriate framework contributing to restoring the human dimension in residential open spaces and promoting a better quality of life for the residents. The research addresses two main approaches: the quality of life and the humanizing city, to investigate the relationship between the approaches. The relationship between the quality of life and the humanizing city approach helps to deduce a theoretical framework from the common principles. In addition, the research uses a quantitative method which is a questionnaire, to explore the stakeholders' opinions about the importance of these principles. Then the collected data was analyzed through a computer program to determine their relative weight. The research ended with an appropriate framework to restore the human dimension and enhance the quality of life in the open public spaces within Jeddah city neighborhoods. In addition, set a group of recommendations for the stakeholders to promote the human dimension and increase the rate of quality of life.
  • Baby Car Seat

    Kassab, Ahmed; Taib, Marwah; Architecture
    Children Safety and protection have always been parents' number one priority in all matters; therefore, they are willing to do anything to make sure these aspects are taken into consideration while buying a product. Thus, in this case the focus will mainly be on the safety and protection of children when they are in a vehicle. Based on statistics, over the years the most common cause of death in children under the age of 15 is due to unintentional injury, and the most common cause of unintentional injury cases are car accidents. This evidence alone was more than enough of a reason to develop a brand-new baby car seat which offers a solution to such a problem. Baby car seat is a seat designed specifically to protect children from various fatal injuries or even death during potential vehicle collisions. The primary aim of baby car seats is to provide protection and comfort However, there is always a way of improvement to create a higher level of safety for children. The purpose of this research is to design a baby car seat that ensures safety and protection by creating a smart shield system. Not only that but also it will provide interactive entertainment and education for the baby via digital screen or toys. Another important thing is that it will offer the parent the ability to check on their kids easily even while they are on the road, driving. To reach these goals there will be several methodologies to collect the needed data. For example, market study, qualitative and quantitative researches as well as case studies. Based on the research outcomes, the product features will be identified and farther analyzed in order to develop the product design brief and specification, substantially a product prototype is expected to come into existence.
  • Arts and Crafts Cultural Exchange Center

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; Bin Darani, Lujain; Design
    Crafting is a historical tradition and a cultural emblem that is present in all cultures. Saudi arts and culture are rich and diverse, but it is only recently that they have started to look larger. The aim of this research is to research deeper about the cultural centers that tackles arts and crafts. And merging the idea of cultural exchange in it. To find interior design solutions that support such a place and back up the comfort, accessibility, and demand for such center. First the research focused on gathering literature that supports the importance and attentiveness towards the center. Processed to find data that discuss the best solution to toward an educational and entertainment center. Moving forward, the paper analyzed precedent case study of similar centers in function. And gathering qualitative data of survey, interview, building codes and standard dimensions. Lastly, after gathering all information needed to make initial programming and matrix regarding the zones of the center.
  • Fiji beach resort

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; Jaad, Leen; Design
  • Interiors of Sport Campus

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; Krimly, Ayah; Design
    Every human life requires sport in some way. Every stage of life benefits greatly from it as well. Mainly because frequent participation in several activities keeps our bodies in good shape and fortifies our hearts. Sport practicing has many benefits, whether it is a passion or a profession. It has a significant impact on the economic, political, and cultural aspects of our society. Through sport practicing humans can get rid of everyday stress and make connections with each other. Tourism and its profitability can easily increase by holding sporting events. For all Saudis to routinely exercise or take part in sports, hundreds of facilities have been built around the Kingdom. Thus, the availability of sports camps is crucial, particularly for those who are young and want to preserve their physical fitness and health. Additionally, it might aid in their athletic skill development. Sports camps organize a variety of healthy and recreational activities and give kids and teenagers sports instruction. Sports are valued at all educational levels in Saudi Arabia, from kindergarten to university. For athletes just starting out, they also provide advanced instruction to help them improve their abilities and get ready to compete against professionals. The main objective of sports camps is to improve skills, but it goes deeper than that. For instance, developing relationships with various people, picking up new skills, and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle are extra benefits a person can obtain. Although these efforts, some athletes struggle to find someone who can guide them effectively because there are not enough proper gym facilities. For example, due to lack of training, some athletes have poor motor skills, insufficient conditioning, undeveloped and unrefined talents. There are some clubs that train them, but they are not known or approved. Although there is King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah and the General Presidency for Youth Welfare (GPYW) stadium in Riyadh, they are primarily used for sporting events. Athletes are not trained there. There are many football centers that help athletes become professional as it is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia. So, finding a facility that supports professionalism in other sports is rather. Through many existed cases (places), this paper is mainly to highlight the importance of sports in society and how interior design can meet the needs of athletes and solve most of their problems. The main goal is therefore to design sports facilities that serve athletes where some athletes have difficulty finding effective support due to the lack of adequate exercise facilities and suitable designed spaces or services.
  • Talween

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; Almuhanna, Rozana; Design
    We are surrounded by color in everything from the clothes we wear to the vehicles we drive to the food we consume to the surrounding living things. It is a powerful tool tied, to culture, it affects how we feel, draws our attention, and facilitates interpersonal communication. The paper idea is to do color center that’s aware people how it is significant in our daily lives and how we react to the world around us. This paper an attempt to study the influence the positive and negative on the interior spaces. The suggest Color Center helps people select anything related to colors, such as food, clothes, and place if they want to take advice from interior design. This paper will look at how color effect in our life human emotion, consumer behavior, marketing, the cognitive performance, and interior design.
  • Mayl Culinary Arts Academy

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; AlJishi, Reem; Design
    Saudi Arabia has few culinary art academies. However, those academies are limited in activities. Therefore, this research will present an interior design capstone project of the culinary arts academy. Culinary arts are one of the most ancient forms of cultural expression. More people are pursuing the desire to manage a kitchen than ever. Therefore, this research is illustrated through several stages, from the project overview to the literature review and case studies related to culinary arts to be analyzed. A survey was conducted to confirm the importance of this project from the environmental point of view, in addition to helping know the suitable interior design atmosphere and the importance of creating a universal design.
  • مهارة

    Abdelrazik, Ahmed; Aljehani, Wafa; Design
    Saudi Arabia is a rich land equestrian who seek of learning, health and meditation as well as for tourism purposes. However, the attention to the equestrian sport have noticed radical decrease throughout the Kingdom during the last several decades. This thesis introduces a project that will enhance learn Horse Riding, Know the importance of horses to tourists. The project will provide a space for learn Horse Riding, Exhibition to show and explain the importance of Horses. Chapter one will introduce the project's overview and discuss the definition, inspiration, concept, goals and vision. Chapter two will provide the previous studies related to the topic and project model. Chapter 3 will display the case studies related to the project to help with assuming space program. While chapter 4 provide the standers of furniture and the types of space and building codes related to the space. The last chapter which is chapter 5 will conclude the whole thesis about the area percentages, space program, matrix and bubble features. diagram.
  • Motorcycle helmet Coverx

    Khalifa, Sajid; Almutawa, Wejdan; Design
    By their nature, motorcycles are less resistant to shocks than closed cars. In addition to being less stable than four-wheel-drive vehicles, they are also less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle requires a set of physical and mental abilities, while operating a motorcycle requires another set. Compared to drivers of enclosed cars, motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to danger from weather and road conditions. A common problem faced by motorcyclists is the difficulty of using a mobile phone, which is often necessary, such as using it to find out locations or otherwise, causing accidents that have caused a large number of injuries and deaths around the world. Is there a way to reduce the number of accidents resulting from using a phone while driving? Is there an idea that it would be safer for motorcyclists to be able to use the phone? As a result, the study recommended implementing the product idea, reducing accidents and making motorcyclists more comfortable, abandoning their phones, and focusing on driving. The motorcycle helmet product idea has a lot of features, including headphones, Bluetooth, a camera, and a location map. The idea of the product sheds light on a long-term problem that has caused disasters, many of which are due to negligence and non-compliance with traffic laws.
  • Resort for Retirees

    Abderazik., Ahmed; Almadani, Badryih; Design
    This paper serves the reason for collecting different types of data and studies about the lack of a specialized center for retirees in Jeddah. The goal of this graduation project in interior design is to develop and design a center to start a new life for retirees as a headquarters to attract retirees to complete their careers and fill their time in different and useful ways.
  • Smart Pet Carrier

    Khalifa, Sajid; Hasan, Raghd; Design
    This project is about designing a pet carrier. This carrier will not only benefit the pet but the owner as well. Most of the pet carrier designs in the market do not have many functions to help the owner and the pet while they are in the outside environment especially with the hot weather like in Saudi Arabia. This product idea came through personal experience. The hot weather does not suit cats, it affects them badly and the current pet carrier do not help the pet nor the owner. In this project, many research methods are used to identify the market competitors, product features and user requirements, which allowed to prepare product design brief and specification. As a result, number of concepts emerged and through analysis the final models and prototypes developed that archives the new pet carrier design.
  • Robonani smart baby bouncer seat

    Khalifa, Sajid; Halawani, Joud; Design (Effat University, 2020)
    The purpose of this study case after looking at the revolution of baby bouncer innovation and designs , is to enhance the product and reduce the errors in use , making it more flexible, equitable , low physical effort ,and most impotently sustainable and reliable. Since the whole project revolves around the baby’s comfort , safety ,and making parents life less complex for their new-born , therefore my project is directed towards making the optimum and efficient product . Throughout my research I analysed enough information regarding a baby seat , also the design requirements,features,and portability. Since children remain seated for long periods of time ,This product will be providing the ideal design, being focused on the ergonomics of the seating area for the baby’s healthy growth and it need to keep the baby safe and busy using the right tools and accessories that are great for entertainment as well as their mental development. Moreover keeping a baby stimulated and active is a way to learn about the environment and themselves . ROBONANI is a new futuristic redesign of the baby bouncer making it more elevated, with exciting new features and usability also with choosing a lightweight material for easier portability and flexibility .