Recent Submissions

  • Analysis-of-certain-issues-identified-in-the-translation-of-the-darcula-novel

    Khuddro, Ahmad; Al-Harbi, Jawaher; English & Translation
    This senior seminar project is about the novel Dracula (1897). this novel is chosen based on my passion for exotic, interesting and most popular literary works in English. The writer of this novel is Bram Stoker, and the translators of this novel are international languages home company. The novel is described in English as a vampire legend and has become the basis for an entire genre of literature and film. Generally, the study discusses certain issues faced while reading the translation of the novel, and how they were analysed and can be fixed.
  • Analysis of Subtitling Issues: The Case Study of ‘Saif Al-Arab’ Play

    Khuddro, Ahmad; Albernawi, Rola; English & Translation
    The purpose of this research is to apply and investigate the English subtitling of the iconic Kuwaiti drama production ‘Saif Al-Arab’ (‘The Sword of Arab’), how to use the techniques, methods, and strategies of translation in this subtitling, and what issues one encounters in subtitling. The audience who watches this subtitled work are English native speakers who live mostly in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Also, this study attempts to discuss some translated words in the target text (TT) and to decide which of them is the best to choose from, based on equivalence, readability, and acceptability. Finally, this research is to discuss how to solve certain subtitling errors using some effective methods in this field, so the audience can read .the subtitles clearly, watch the work and understand the message