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dc.contributor.authorMian Qaisar, Saeed
dc.contributor.authorKhan, Sibghatullah
dc.contributor.authorSrinivasan, Kathiravan 2022
dc.identifier.citationSaeed Mian Qaisar, Sibghatulla I. Khan, Kathiravan Srinivasan, Moez Krichen,
dc.description.abstractThe concept of mobile healthcare systems is promising. It is based on the cloud connected wireless biomedical wearables. In this scenario, the compression, processing, transmission and power effectiveness with precision are the key terms. A novel technique is presented for arrhythmia identification by processing the electrocardiogram signals. The solution is based on an effective hybridization of the multirate processing, QRS selection, variational mode decomposition, features mining from Modes, Metaheuristic optimization based features selection, and machine learning algorithms. The MIT-BIH dataset is used for experimentation. Performance of the Butterfly Optimization Algorithm, Manta Ray Foraging Optimization, and Emperor Penguin Optimization algorithms is investigated for features selection. A multi-subjects and multi-class dataset is used for testing the performance of classification by following the 10-fold cross validation strategy. The multirate processing with QRS selection and Metaheuristic optimization dependent features selection bring compression and aptitude for the processing and data transmission efficiencies. The system efficiently incorporates the multirate processing while securing an effective signal reconstruction. The respective compression gains and classification accuracies for the Butterfly Optimization Algorithm, Manta Ray Foraging Optimization, and Emperor Penguin Optimization algorithms are 27-fold, 29.45-fold & 46.29-fold and 99.14%, 99.08% & 98.65%.
dc.publisherKing Saud University
dc.subjectComputational complexity
dc.subjectModes features selection
dc.subjectMultirate processing
dc.subjectMetaheuristic optimization
dc.subjectMachine learning
dc.subjectMobile healthcare
dc.subjectVariational mode decomposition
dc.titleArrhythmia classification using multirate processing metaheuristic optimization and variational mode decomposition
dc.source.journalJournal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences
dc.contributor.researcherElectrical and Computer Engineering

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