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  • Rethinking innovation through industry and society 5.0 paradigms: a multileveled approach for management and policy-making

    Troisi, Orlando; Visvizi, Anna; Grimaldi, Mara; External Collaboration; Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security Lab; none; none; Entrepreneurship; none; Troisi, Orlando (Emerald, 2023-12-18)
    Industry 4.0 defines the application of digital technologies on business infrastructure and processes. With the increasing need to take into account the social and environmental impact of technologies, the concept of Society 5.0 has been proposed to restore the centrality of humans in the proper utilization of technology for the exploitation of innovation opportunities. Despite the identification of humans, resilience and sustainability as the key dimensions of Society 5.0, the definition of the key factors that can enable Innovation in the light of 5.0 principles has not been yet assessed. The findings allow the elaboration of a multileveled framework to redefine Innovation through the 5.0 paradigm by advancing the need to integrate ICT and technology (Industry 5.0) with the human-centric, social and knowledge-based dimensions (Society 5.0).